Wild Horses 4D + 1

Patagonia, located on the southern extreme of Chile, is wild and rough with a fascinating past. From its indigenous inhabitants, to the glorious years of sheep farming and the men that conquered this rugged land. Today its populated mostly by men, with jobs that have almost been forgotten, like, puesteros (camp tenders), ovejeros (shepherds), alambradores (wire fencers), amansadores (horse tamers), etc. In these southern lands you can still find "tropillas" (groups/teams) of wild horses in their most natural state. The goal of this programme is to learn about the landscape and the culture of the people of Patagonia and especially to observe the last remaining "tropillas" of wild horses a long side the puesteros of Valle Hermoso, who have invited us to share this extreme experience in their post.

Duration: 4 (+ 1) Days


USD 425 /Day per person

We would like to clarify that:

Our intention is not to sell a classic tour because we would not like to treat you as a tourist and only show you things of beauty. Our aim is to show you a way of life that is disappearing, and that is linked to the life and equestrian culture of Tierra del Fuego.

We have years of experience but new challenges can always occur. Sometimes nature imposes its conditions and we must accept them. It is important for you to be flexible in your travel arrangements.

Any questions you may have we will be glad to answer.

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  • Day 1:

    - Pick up from Punta Arenas
    - Transfer from Punta Arenas to Tierra del Fuego (ferry)
    - Penguin sightseeing
    - Visit to Estancia Tres Hermanos
    - Lunch
    - Horse ride, wild horse sightings and farming experience (visit to shearing shed)
    - Dinner
    - Lodging in Estancia

  • Day 2:

    - Breakfast in Estancia
    - Transfer to Valle Hermoso
    - Visit to Estancia Cameron (the most important of the region)
    - Transfer to Valle Hermoso, to the Vicuña area (Hidden post)
    - Lunch in the post
    - Afternoon discovering the area (work with horses, beaver dams,wild horse sightings near the post and many conversations)
    - Dinner in post
    - Lodging in tent

  • Day 3:

    - Breakfast
    - Trekking, full day (wild horse sightings)
    - Picnic
    - Trek back to the post
    - Lodging in tent

  • Day 4: (Optional addition)

    - Day of fishing (Radsmunssin river and del carabinero lake)
    Includes: guide, fishing equipment, picnic, dinner and lodging in tent.
    USD 200

    - Day of birdwatching (condors), trekking or horse ride
    - Includes: guide, trekking or horse riding equipment, picnic, dinner and lodging in tent.
    USD 200

    - Day of architecture and culture (visits and experiences in other Estancias of the area)
    - Includes: guide, dinner and lodging in Estancia or post.
    USD 200

  • Day 5:

    - Breakfast - Transfer to Punta Arenas - End of activities

  • High factor sun cream
  • Avoid synthetic fibres and choose cotton clothing or other natural fibres for the first layers of clothing
  • Trousers must be preferably cotton and loose, the friction with the saddle may irritate/harm your skin
  • Due to the wind your outer layers must not be too baggy or loose so they do not move too much in the wind. The noise and movement make horses nervous
  • Scarf for your neck, hat to protect your head from the cold and the intensity of the sun, knife or pocketknife, UV protection sunglasses, flashlight, camera, sleeping bag
  • Comfortable shoes, not to wide so they fit into the stirrups